MDD Expo brings together know-how dedicated to custom made products for all distribution sectors


A real change! 2 days for exclusive sourcing provides French and European buyers from retail, foodservice, and e-commerce sectors, as well as manufacturers looking for outsourcing solutions with specifi c know-how in food and HPC ( Home and perso- nal care) sectors. This strategic focus is being developed by strengthening our relations with new channels and our proximity to decision-makers.

European exhibitors from the food and non-food sectors
MDD Expo brings together exhibitors who are experts in custom made ranges within the food, cosmetics, and HPC sectors. Our aim is also to offer our visitors a comprehensive exhibition, with suitable solutions from ingredients to the fi nished products, including packaging and services.

Europe: our key objective
The survey by LSA / MDD Expo conducted in March 2015 showed that over 60% of our exhibitors work abroad, whether for retai- lers in their own countries or for their international branches. A real and growing opportunity, given the developments in private label ranges; the position of retailers; and specifi c requirements in terms of logistics, traceability, and know-how. Our European approach is a priority, and we are working to develop the reputation of MDD Expo outside of France.
MDD Expo is a complete offer: A trade fair, pre organized targeted business meetings and market intelligence
Information is available through our various media: website, magazine, news. In addition to the symposium and conferences, this year our surveys and interviews will be complemented by updates on the French and European market and products.

2016 will mark the 15th edition of MDD Expo
Along with the entire MDD Expo team, I would like to thank you once again for your trust and loyalty,

Sébastien GILLET
Director of MDD Expo