Business Meetings

100% targeted and relevant

Business Meetings


MDD Expo uses an online platform, available from your visitor space, to organize personalized and free-of-charge business meetings with exhibiting manufacturers in the Groceries, Fresh, Frozen, and Non-food sectors.

These 20-minute meetings are designed to be efficient and save you time, to provide constructive discussions with relevant partners, and to ensure that promising projects get off the ground!

How does it work?

3 pre-exhibition steps

  1. List your specific requests (projects and needs) via the online application form. This will be relayed to the exhibitors who have registered. They can then explore potential solutions and offer to meet with you.


  1. Select the exhibitors with whom you wish to have a face-to-face meeting on our online platform.


  1. You will receive an email a few days before the exhibition, detailing your appointment schedule based on your preferences and availability.


During MDD Expo

Come to the “Business Meetings” area 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Our team will be present to ensure your meetings run smoothly.

Take a look back at 2015 :

This year, over 250 meetings took place (50% more than in 2014), with over 50 buyers and 92 exhibitors!


Plan ahead for your visit to MDD: sign up to the Business Meetings! 


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