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  • CULTURE MIEL, before MIELS VILLENEUVE was created from a family apiculturist firm founded in 1936. Year after year it has been able to develop and adapt itself to the numerous food tendancies and to the needs of the market.

    We sell in France and all over the world, traditionnal reguional specialities suh as :

    • Honey and hive products (pollen, royal jelly,...),

    • Gingerbreads of our own workshop,

    • Individual gingerbread filled with marmalade,

    • Others cakes with honey,

    • Candies with honey,

    • Range of products from organic farming.

  • L’entreprise propose ses produits au grand public sous différentes marques : « Miels Villeneuve » dans les rayons spécialisés de GMS, « L’Abeille Royale » dans les magasins biologiques et diététiques, « L’Abeille Délicieuse » dans les jardineries et "Culture Miel" dans les épiceries fines de luxe. Mais l’entreprise travaille également à façon.En effet, une écoute constante et une flexibilité des structures vous offrent le choix d'une personnalisation de notre gamme.

    MIELS VILLENEUVE : Une marque riche en tradition.

    • Une sélection rigoureuse de miels du monde entier.

    • Un laboratoire performant où tous les miels sont identifiés, analysés, contrôlés et garantis.

    • Un conditionnement décliné à toutes les formes.         

    • Une tradition de miels de qualité.

  • Gingerbread with 30 % Honey

    • Sliced gingerbread.
    • Net weight : 250 g.
    • with rye flour and without palm oil.
    • French making : gingerbread made in our workshops at Villemandeur France.
    • Traditionally made from a first dough rested for 6 weeks.
    • packed after a day of cooling to guarantee a better preservation.
    • Best before date : 12 months.

  • Nonnettes : small honey gingerbread with orange marmalade

    Small round cake made with honey gingerbread filled with orange marmalade.

    In the Middle Ages, the nuns made this cake what explains its French name.

    Net weight : 150 g.

    Texture : brown color, convex item with a light icing on. airy and softness gingerbread.

    Odor and Taste : in a first time, you discover the orange marmalade and in aftertaste the honey.

    Best before date : 12 months


  • Bee shaped Honey Drop

    • Honey candy.
    • Net weight : 150 g.
    • Best before date : 15 months.
    • Packaging : bag.
    • Ingredients : Honey and cane sugar.

  • Acacia Honey with comb

    Aspect : Liquid

    Odor : Suave and discrete of flower of acacia.

    Taste : Light of the flower of acacia, delicate flavour but not very persistent flavour hive.

    Color : White honey sometimes very clear.

  • Gâtinais area Honey in an amphora shaped jar of 250 g

    Loyal to apiarists generations, Gâtinais area honey is the memory of our land. It was collected in our field and meadows. Its fineness and its smoothness seduced many gourmets. Its reputation comes from kings of France who liked staying at Montargis.

    It is packed in an premium packaging : in an amphora shaped jar to enhance it.

  • BERTHIER Monique
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  • We propose our 3 lands’ Honeys : Gâtinais area Honey, Sologne area Honey, Berry area Honey in a premium packaging adapted for presents’ size.

    Amphora shaped jar enhances these honeys which represend our area.

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