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  • The story begins in 2010 when Cafés Méo and Fichaux Industries decided to get closer since they share the same values. Both companies are French, family-owned and centenarian. By combining two successful industrial facilities and the recognition of a great brand, both companies have boosted their growth. Indeed, the group is today the first independent coffee-roaster in France, with 14% of volume market shares in mass-market retailing and with 34,000 tons of roasted coffee per year. Guided by the primary purpose to bring their know-how to innovation, Méo-Fichaux innovates constantly, for instance with coffee capsules with aluminum flowpack in 2013 and hermetically-sealed capsules in 2015. The best selection of varieties of green coffee, the careful creation of assemblies, the adapted roasting, the passion and the love of coffee make Méo-Fichaux a key player in its market. Méo-Fichaux produces all types of packing of coffee: grounded coffee, coffee beans, pods, capsules with aluminum flowpack, and now the hermetically-sealed capsules. The group’s turnover in 2014 has risen up to 140 million Euros and Méo-Fichaux counts 234 employees and 2 production sites.
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  • Hermetically-sealed capsule by Méo-Fichaux The hermetically-sealed capsule by Méo-Fichaux is a coffee capsule compatible with all Nespresso® machines. It has been created from a new patented process: totally barrier to oxygen, it does not require an aluminum foil to maintain its freshness. It provides a strong convenience to the user, while preserving the organoleptic properties of coffee. Indeed, it integrates a bigger volume of coffee that ensures the best result in cup. This full-bodied espresso, with rich and powerful nature, brings the pleasure of a real Italian espresso. Produced in PBT plastic, this capsule offers the same protection as an aluminum foil. Its permeability is 2 times lower than foil with PET metal layer and 26 times lower than polypropylene capsule. For more differentiation, this capsule is made in France and is available in a palette of 10 different colors. Besides, the capsules are placed in a vertical case with an opening on the side and an easy closing after use. This case reduces the weight of the packaging by 29% compared the current packaging. According to a consumer study, this packaging matched perfectly with users’ consumption habits. Finally, the capsule is in PBT plastic and it is recyclable thanks to its single material manufacture. Coffee lovers who enjoy quality coffee with intense aromas and who have a well-advised palate are the consumer target. The hermetically-sealed capsule by Méo-Fichaux is a breakdown in the coffee market thanks to its innovative technology and packaging.

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