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  • Acti Pack is manufacturer of PET bottles and jars for beauty and food industries in France and Europe. Our complete and various range of more than 150 standard products from 50ml to 5000ml enables us to offer packaging to pack numerous products such as shampoo and shower gels, sun care products, hair gels, … for personal care market and dried fruits, chocolate spread, spices, … for food industry. In addition to our standard ranges we have the possibility to offer study and production of specific developments according to our customers' requirements. Clear or colored, with or without PCR, PET bottles and jars are well adapted to embody your projects.

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  • Pandora

    Acti Pack and Loire Plastic Industrie are pleased to present their brand new bi-colour dispensing cap Pandora.

    Developed from our standard neck, Pandora closure is fitting a large part of standard Acti Pack ranges of PET bottles from 250 ml to 500 ml for shampoo and shower gel uses.

    Its advantages:

    - attractive double-aspect finish, the Groupe Axium trademark: brilliant cap and satin body.

    - its flat head design for a upside-down use at the end of products life


    New shapes of PET bottles will be to discover on our booth to propose you innovating packaging solutions according to your requirements.

  • STEP

    Acti Pack and Loire Plastic Industrie are enlarging their new range of jar and lid STEP to widen their offer of packaging.

    Available from 50ml to 300 ml, the STEP range is developped with standard neck Twist off 63 mm and Twist off 82 mm.

    Our R&D departments worked in closed collaboration to offer a perfectly stackable range on shelves.

    Their cylindrial shape and sober design will meet your requirements for packing your food and personal care products.

  • PET squeezers bottles "Ketcho" & "Ginger"

    In order to answer our customers' requirements about innovative shapes in PET, Acti Pack is launching 2 new families of standard squeezer for your sweet projects such as toppings, coulis, syrups …  or salted products like mustards, mayonnaises or cold sauces ….

    The ranges "KETCHO" and "GINGER" are proposing 2 options of design in order to meet at the best our customers' needs. Available from 270 ml to 500 ml, bottles "KETCHO" and "GINGER" are offering original shapes with large labelling surface for spicy communication.

    Their perfect stability and the possibility of "top down" position enable tremendous and various options.

    Developed with neck screw 38/400, "KETCHO" and "GINGER" squeezer bottles will benefit from the largest standard range of dispensing closures. 

    Mono or bi-injection, with or without valve, simple flip top cap or large external cap available from several suppliers, neck 38/400 is the ideal choice to go with these new squeezer bottles.


    Manufactured in PETP by injection stretch blow moulding, the squeezer bottles will offer an interesting choice of recyclable and eco-friendly raw material including the option of PCR. We also propose customization of PET bottles with coloration.

    These 2 new ranges are completing Acti Pack's current offer of PET squeezer "CESAME".

  • Jean Erick Marsot