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  • L’Escargot COURBEYRE France prepares more than 160 million escargots each year in all its different forms (in the shell, in puff pastries, or canned).

    Since 1984 in Aurillac (France) we produce and distribute our frozen, fresh and canned products all around the world.

    Our clients: International supermarkets, food wholesalers and importers worldwide and specialists of fine food.

    Our escargots respect the traditional, manual production methods.

    Our expertise:

    Relying on traditional French know-how and gourmet recipes, we have been producing a high-quality range of escargots for 30 years, with specialties like puff pastries and “croquilles” with escargots, as well as stuffed mussels and rolls of spicy butter.

    Our products are exclusively made from wild snails, harvested in their natural environment.

    Our snails are then prepared according to the traditional French recipe. The meat is cooked in a stock and infused in another white wine stock, developed by a famous culinary advisor (A starred chef, creator of several gourmet prepared meals). Once cooked, the snails are put back in their shells and stuffed in the traditional manner.

    Our stuffing is guaranteed to be free of artificial coloring and preservatives, assuring the highest quality products.

    This ongoing goal of authenticity, respecting tradition and the high-quality of our ingredients, is reflected in each escargot prepared by L’Escargot COURBEYRE… assuring every gourmet’s happiness.

    Our quality commitments:

    Quality is the foremost priority of our company. More than 1,000 tests are conducted each year by an independent laboratory, not only on our final products but also for all of our production processes.

    Random audits are also conducted throughout the year.

    IFS and ISO 9001 certified, our quality commitments are reflected in each escargot prepared by COURBEYRE.

    We are also Organic Agriculture (AB) certified by ECOCERT since 2011 for our organic range of products.

    Respect for the environment:

    L’escargot COURBEYRE cares about sustainable development and ecology.

    Our packaging choices allow us to efficiently reduce our environmental footprint, and aggressive recycling further reduces waste. Finally, we continue to optimize our supply chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Our priority is to always offer high quality gourmet products at controlled costs.

    L’Escargot COURBEYRE is part of France’s culinary heritage. Our products are noble and of uncompromising quality, which is why we place tremendous importance on the selection of each ingredient used in our recipes.

    Our unique integrated process allows us to manage each step in the production from wild snail to the final product, optimizing and securing your escargots supply.

    L’Escargot COURBEYRE – A tradition of quality in the heart of France since 1984.

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  • Burgundy snails

    This is a continental variety that can be found in the East of France and in several countries in Eastern Europe, such as Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

    The shell is rounded, strong, with an opaque plain ginger/yellow colour or with 3 to 5 tawny stripes.

    This is the most-wanted variety by consumers.

    >> Wild snails are also available with an organic stuffing.

  • Helix escargots

    This is a continental animal that lives mainly in Turkey, Bulgaria and Italy. Some isolated populations can be found on the French territory, especially in the Alps.

    Its shell's shape is closed to the Burgundy Escargot's one, but has a more pronounced color and brown stripes.

    This is the "standard" escargot with a good quality/price ratio. 

  • Stuffed mussels

    Mussels in half-shells exalted by a stuffing with garlic and parsley butter.

    This is an original starter that can also be enjoyed as an aperitif. 

  • Rolls of spicy butter

    PURE BUTTER preparation, with garlic and parsley.

    Ideal to stuff your escargots, it's also perfect to use as
    "beurre maitre d'hôtel" for your grillades !

    Available in several recipes : Bourguignonne, Lemon and Provençale !

    >> Also available in ORGANIC recipe

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