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  • Vimi is producer  of cosmetic products, namely lip care balms. We have our own brand, but  our business is mostly connected to private labels, where we are  producing lip balms under the brands of our customers - big retail chains.

    Our strong R&D team can develope lip balms due to your requirements and needs, under your brand, with ingredients and functions due to your demands, or you can choose the products from our already finished lip balms.

    Please come to us with your inquiry and demands and we will do our best to prepare for you suitable and acceptable offer.
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    Beauty Kiss lip balms

    Velnea lip balms

    Kiss To Lips lip balms

    Bellesa lip balms

    Moj Dan lip balms

    Jovva lip balms

    Bee Balm

    Special body care

  • Velnea lip balms

  • Bellesa lip balms

  • Kiss To Lips lip balms

  • Lipio lip balms

  • Beauty Kiss lip balms

    Beauty Kiss lip balms are lip balms with more active ingredients, with vegetable oils and are allergen free and hormon free.

    Beauty Kiss Classic

    Beauty Kiss Sensitive

    Beauty Kiss Milk&Honey

    Beauty Kiss Pearl&Shine

  • Ivan Kovac