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  • With a well proven recipe and a unique coating process, we can truly say that Virgin Nuts rocks the European nut market.



    Virgin Nuts, BRC Food AA-grade certified, supplies artisanal, all natural coated nuts – without artificial food additives – to provide customers with a superior, natural, fresh taste sensation.


    For many years now, we are well known for our honey coated nuts. Thanks to our unique process, we can produce a delicious and crunchy coating on the best nuts in the world. Therefore our products are superior to any other coated nuts on the market. Besides honey, we have other great base flavours like cinnamon, maple, caramel, vanilla and gingerbread. All flavours can be combined with delicious natural herbs or spices, like sea salt, chili, garlic, coco, lavender, rosemary, etc.


    A nut is more than a whole nut. Therefore we coat all shapes and sizes from 2mm upwards. Take a look at our portfolio, which shows a small selection of the endless possibilities, and read more about our products and applications. If you have specific taste wishes, contact us. We're always open to new ideas.


    What working with Virgin Nuts means for you

    Naturally, our customers are our raison d’être. Therefore we cooperate with our customers to create the products they (and their customers) prefer.





    • artisanal coated nuts
    • additional exposure and value to your product range
    • small and large orders (50kg to containers)
    • crunchy light to golden brown coating
    • always fit your customers’ budget
    • professional though artisanal production process
    • only natural ingredients; no artificial colouring nor flavouring
    • bulk and flexible packaging solutions
    • easily adapt our production to your order volume
    • unique and endless flavour combinations
    • lead time 3 to 5 working days (bulk)
    • production on order
    • premium product
    • production on order
    • customization of products/processes to your needs
    • perfect as a snack
    • only the most fresh products
    • raw material stored at suppliers for best conditions
    • superior natural fresh taste sensation
    • retail, wholesale/distribution and food industry
    • packing machine for large consumer packages
    • free from Genetically Modified Organisms
    • Europe and beyond
    • BRC Food AA-level certified
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  • GROCERY >> Sweet grocery >> Biscuits
  • GROCERY >> Sweet grocery >> Dried fruit
  • GROCERY >> Sweet grocery >> Honey
  • GROCERY >> Sweet grocery >> Pastries and cakes
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  • GROCERY >> Sweet grocery >> Breakfast cereals
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  • Ingredients >> PAI >> Bakery, cakes and pastries
  • GROCERY >> Sweet grocery >> Sweet grocery
  • Honey lavender pecan

    Crunchy pecan with a sweet honey flavour overtone, sprinkled with lavender flowers.

  • Vanilla granola

    Crunchy mix of multi grain flakes, sunflower kernels and pumpkin seeds with a sweet vanilla flavour overtone.

  • Honey chili coco mix popular

    Crunchy mix of peanuts, cashews, macadamias and pecans with a sweet honey, spicy chili and typical coconut flavour overtone.

  • Honey ginger mint cashews

    Crunchy cashews with a sweet honey, fresh mint and slightly spicy ginger flavour overtone. 

  • Cinnamon almonds

    Crunchy almonds with a sweet honey and mildly spicy cinnamon flavour overtone.

  • Directeur/Director: Mr Diederick van Merkestijn
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  • Commercial/Sales: Mme/Ms José van Merkestijn
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