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  • Campodulce, ham specialist

    CAMPODULCE CURADOS is a prime Spanish producer of dry cured “Serrano” and Iberico ham. It is integrated in the «Grupo Jorge» that is dedicated to the rearing and fattening of pigs, the production of feed, abattoir, quartering room and ham drying shed. Present in the pork market since 75 years ago and consolidated as one of the biggest meat group in Spain with an annual turnover of 600 million euro.

    Our main facilities are located in Zuera (Zaragoza) where we have one of the most advanced and modern curing factory in Europe, with capacity for over 700.000 pieces. Each piece is computer controlled; ensuring a perfect traceability and our salting in trays guarantees the uniformity of all our products.

    We also have another facility in Extremadura (MAFRESA) dedicated to Iberico Pork, with capacity for 140.000 porks slaughtered per year and where are processed all the derivates (800.000 Iberico Hams, Chorizo, Salchichon, Loin,…)

    Our main advantage is that the holding integrates all the production cycle so the quality of the product is controlled from the beginning, also the cattle has a 25% of Duroc line, together with a controlled feeding provides the ham a high level of intramuscular infiltration that results in an unique taste and quality.

    We have a wide range of products which involves:

    • Iberico Ham and Shoulder, Cebo and Bellota qualities, whole pieces and boneless.
    • Serrano Ham and Shoulder, from 8 to 18 months maturation, whole pieces and boneless.
    • Iberico Dry Cured Sausages (Chorizo, Salchichon and Loin) in different presentations.
    • Wide range of packaging in slices.

    Our products are present in the more important Spanish and European distribution groups like Makro-Metro, Carrefour, Auchan, Aldi, El Corte Inglés, Caprabo... Our flexibility allows us to adapt our products to the requirements of each customer and each market.

    We are also in possession of the BRC, IFS, “Lista Marco“, ETG of Serrano Ham and the certification of Iberico Quality, the most exigent quality certifications in the food market.

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  • Campodulce



  • Slices of Serrano and Iberico ham

    Available in different weights

  • Cured meat products

    Chorizo, salchichon and lomo

    Sliced, half piece or whole piece

  • Whole pièce of Serrano or Iberico Ham

  • Serrano and iberico ham deboned

    Available in differents presentations:

    • With or without skin
    • Whole or half piece
    • Available also in block

  • Cured Shoulder /Iberico Shoulder

    Available in different presentations

    • semi-deboned for an easier cut
    • Deboned
    • In slices

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