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Innovations Store, a world tour of international trends in private label brands

The Innovations Store offers a wide range commercialized by major French and international retailers. For the first time in 2016, it will provide the sector's stakeholders with around a hundred food and non-food products from 10 countries and spanning 4 trends:

  • On-The-Go

Although the pace of life is accelerating, consumption is becoming nomadic, and products must adapt and be available to consume where I want, when I want, how I want. Packaging is becoming re-sealable, microwavable, portable ... the individual, mini, and pocket format are designed to fulfill the needs and desires of consumers.


  • Vegetable supremacy

Driven by the rise of semi-vegetarianism and the search for healthier and more sustainable options, plant products are increasingly popular, as shown by the success of superfoods (super fruits, forgotten vegetables, ancient grains, microalgae, ... ) and meat and dairy substitutes.


  • "Free-from" products

After the economic and financial crises, health crises gave consumers the feeling they are being manipulated by powerful lobbies, along the lines of "everything is hidden, no information is shared." The media often demonizes questionable ingredients, which strengthens suspicions. There is an ongoing witch hunt: gluten, palm oil, additives, parabens, phosphates ... The focus has shifted to what a product does not contain!


  • Made In

While the "Made In" trend was first linked to environmental concerns about eating local food, it promoted social values ??at the height of the economic crisis (defending local jobs and small producers), then focused on traceability. Today the "Made In" trend is mainly based on the need to know the origin of products.

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