Les Trophées des Savoir-Faire Innovants

Trophées des Savoir-Faire Innovants (Innovative Know-How Awards):

Manufacturers’ talent is finally rewarded!

Behind private label branded products are manufacturers with know-how that enables them to adapt and respond to the specific demands of their customers. MDD Expo decided to highlight the manufacturers’ expertise and reward them for it, on Wednesday, 30th and Thursday, 31st March, 2016.

Innovations related to products, ingredients, ranges, packaging... the Trophées des Savoir-Faire Innovants are another opportunity to showcase the know-how of exhibitors and demonstrate their ability to adapt to the needs and specifications of all distribution networks.


MDD Expo's Innovative Awards, brings exposure to your expertise

  • The awards ceremony will be held at the exhibition at 6pm on Wednesday, 30th March, during the cocktail party, it is open to all exhibitors and visitors still present
  • A display area next to the Innovation area, during the 2 days, will enable visitors to discover the innovative know-how of the award winners
  • Press coverage: A specific press release will be sent to the trade press giving the winners greater publicity.


The 2016 Winners video

8 categories of trends to discern the most innovative know-how

  • CSR / Sustainable Development 

CSR and development are strong themes that carry important values ??dear to all, and covering all commitments made by companies regarding: the environment, interactions and conditions at work, the consumer, local development, or even product components, packaging ... fair trade...

  • Consumption method

In a society where stress is common, consumers want to optimize their time in order to enjoy their moments of freedom; nomadism is the current trend, and snacking products contribute to it. Consumers are looking for anything that can make their daily lives easier: Time saving; Nomadism/Snacking; Ready to eat, Ready to cook; Pocket size, Travel size...

  • Local 

Regional products are synonymous with quality and traceability, and are very popular both in France and abroad: Products from the regions of France, highlighting regional know-how and traditions...

  • World foods

Exotic flavours, Ethnic, kosher, halal ... highlighting cultural specifications and traditions from across the globe. A trip around the world through food and non-food products that attracts many consumers.

  • Nutrition / Health 

"Free from," gluten-free, lactose-free, allergen-free, sugar-free, salt-free, healthier products, low in salt, sugar, or fat ...; specific foods for senior citizens, infants, or athletes, texture-modified food, finger food ... Consumers are increasingly mindful of their diets and well-being. To respond to this trend, retailers research and create product ranges that are adapted to these nutritional needs and desires, and their ability to tolerate them...

  • Organic 

Organic is trendy, organic is a guarantee of trust and quality. 

Eat and use natural products that are healthier and more environmentally friendly.

  • Product Quality Certifications

This award highlights companies that implement a collective and voluntary initiative that meets:

  • Strict state-approved production conditions – specifications that are validated at European level ...
  • Regular checks by independent state-accredited organizations.
  • Certifications that are a mark of quality and origin.
  • Manufacturing optimization

Manufacturing processes are as important for the reputation and competitiveness of a company, as the product’s “promise” and the distributor. Products that save time, are more practical, fight against waste, use new ingredients, involve adapting a production system to a recipe ... Manufacturers have chosen to adapt their processes in order to meet the quality, texture, etc., of the product they have committed to manufacture.

Many opportunities to explore the exhibitors’ innovations
  • A display area dedicated to the Trophées des Savoir-Faire Innovants
  • Meet experts from the Centre Culinaire Contemporain
  • A Guide de l’Innovation (Innovation Guide) to learn more about the innovations being exhibited
  • An Innovation trail to discover innovative know-how
  • Taste products at the Espace Dégustation (Tasting Area)
  • Awards ceremony at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 30th March, in the conference room

Participate free-of-charge in the Trophées des Savoir-Faire Innovants by presenting your innovations on your Exhibitor Space!

->The 2016 nominee and winners list / Search here an innovative know-how

or Donwload the Innovative know-how 2016 Press release

Click below to see the 2015 winners:

In 2015, the 1 st Trophées des Savoir-Faire Innovants attracted 60 candidates, 17 were nominated, and a single winner was designated in each category, as well as one special mention award.




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