Who exhibits ?

A comprehensive and unique selection

of expertise in custom made food and non-food products

500 European manufacturers attended the exhibition in 2015, of which 150 came from outside France. Manufacturers, large groups or family businesses, exporting companies, and start-ups all exhibit at MDD Expo. Among the countries represented in 2015 were: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Turkey...

Food and Non-food products

All ranges are represented, from ingredients ... to finished products:

  • Groceries
    • Savory (cooking aids, snacks, seasonings, condiments, canned vegetables and meat, baby food, sauces, soups, pet food ...)
    • Sweet (breakfast, biscuits, confectionery, desserts, canned fruits, artisan and industrial pastries...)
    • Beverages (non-alcoholic beverages, aperitifs, spirits, wines ...)
  • Fresh
    • Dairy products (cream, cheeses, desserts...)
    • Meat / Cold & Cured Meats / Seafood
    • Delicatessen products/ Freshly cut and packed products (ready meals, fresh produce)
  • Frozen
    • Appetizers / Finger foods
    • Fish / Seafood
    • Vegetables
    • Ice creams / Desserts
    • Household products and Home Care (scented candles, cleaning products, matches, accessories)
    • Hygiene / Perfume / Cosmetics (toiletries, beauty, essential oils, para-pharmacy, hair care, body care ...)
    • Packaging
    • Services (certification, laboratories, transport/logistics

6 themes in the spotlight!

6 trends will be highlighted at MDD Expo 2016 to guide buyers in their search:

Nutrition & Health: organic, free from, gluten-free, lactose-free, allergen-free ...

Products from the Regions of France: Specific local products with a strong regional identity and specific know-how ... French and international retail chains are keen on regional and Made in France know-how.

World foods: exotic flavors, traditions, original flavors, specific products, recipes...

Ingredients & Intermediary food products: food coloring, preservatives, flavoring, spices, antioxidants ... Ingredients and Intermediary food products are essential in the development of products and specifications across all sectors.

Gourmet selection: luxury products, fine foods... products developed with indisputable quality and expertise.

"On-the-go": ready to eat, ready to cook ... convenience products and food- to- go are ongoing trends